Without adequate bookkeeping and proper records, business owners often find themselves ill prepared to prevent or resolve recurring problems, which happen in a new business.  

The consultants at Accounting Solutions have many years of both academic and practical experience to aid new business owners to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

Our accounting knowledge has enabled us to develop a deep understanding of accounting, management, financial affairs, and business problems and their possible solutions.



  • We have a sound understanding of federal/local government requirements and the forms needed to successfully start your business
  • Instill simple cash and sales control techniques
  • Train you and your staff in accurate, simple payroll preparation
  • Assist you in filing for licenses
  • Teach you how to manage your inventory investment
  • Assist you to better understand cash flows – both in and out 


  • Perform all your accounting and bookkeeping needs in strict confidence
  • Prepare timely and accurate financial statements
  • Record and trace accounts payable and bank reconciliation
  • Record and trace sales and accounts receivable
  • Cost accounting and analyze variances
  • Design and implement an accounting system and train your staff in data entry
  • Prepare cash flow projections and projected financial statements
  • Perform feasibility studies and business planning strategies
  • Assist with Loan and Grant applications
  • Plan financing strategies
  • Provide Business Advisory Services
  • Provide Payroll Services
  • Setup and Training of Simply Accounting Program (Recognized Premier Advisor)


  • Assure compliance with HST and WCB requirements
  • Tax incentive analysis
  • Set up corporate structure and tax planning
  • Prepare Personal and Corporate tax returns



We recognize your need for personal attention and the relief of knowing there is technical support whenever it is needed.  This includes evening appointments at your place of business or ours.

Our goal is to help small business achieve their goals by providing accurate and timely financial information and advice. 

Accounting Solutions can provide, interpret, and take time to ensure you understand the complete financial results to enable you to make effective financial business decisions.  Based on this close relational approach, business owners can maximize company profits while minimizing their accounting “headaches”.


Hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly payment plans available.

Discounted consulting fees for our clients on a monthly payment plan.

Two personal tax returns and a T2 tax return are included in the price for our customers paying on a monthly basis.


As governed by the CPA Code of Ethical Principles and Rules of Conduct, we ensure absolute confidentiality at all times.  We have maintained this policy without fail for over 30 years.  We understand that confidentiality is crucial to decision making for the future of your company and ours.